It’s a common problem that nobody wants, a sewer backs up into your Palm Springs home. You call a plumber out and you’re shocked by the bill! Homeowner’s insurance HAS to cover this, right? Wrong.

Homeowner’s insurance generally will cover the damages caused by a sewer backup, but doesn’t cover the cost of the pipe repair itself. They call this a wear and tear service that naturally deteriorates over time. This typically comes as a shock to homeowners, but being prepared will go a long way.

It is your responsibility to maintain your drain lines and ensure proper flow for your tenants. The best way to do this is to have your lines cleaned and inspected regularly, and you can do this by calling The Drain Guys at Sand ‘n Sea Drain Company. Using coveted techniques learned over 15 years of servicing some of the most difficult drain lines in some of the oldest areas of California, you can rest assured your drain problems will be treated with care.

Whether it’s a new home or an old home, drains still fail. New plastic pipes laid in the ground are great, but have their issues just the same as old cast iron or clay pipes. Plastic pipes can bow, causing pockets to form that trap sewage and keep the drains from properly flowing. Joints where the two pipes meet have rubber gaskets that, if installed improperly, can easily deteriorate leading to root and sand infiltration.

Whether your pipes are new or old, there’s one foe all plumbers battle: baby wipes. Baby wipes don’t break down with water and can trap themselves in your sewer lines, causing a costly backup. Feminine products as well as baby wipes should never be flushed down the drain. Simple preventative techniques such as throwing these used products away instead of flushing them can save you thousands of dollars.

Palm trees, while beautiful to look at, are a pipeline hazard as well. The large root base can spread very quickly and penetrate joints or breaks in sewer pipes. Once inside the line, they’ll feed and grow at a staggering pace and can very quickly block up, or even collapse your sewer drain lines.

Problems like these can be overwhelming, but fortunately, we have the solutions to all of your Palm Springs drain needs.Using cured in place technology, we can seal off the areas of root intrusion, offering a seamless and permanent solution to sand and root infiltration.

If your drain lines are giving you problems, don’t call the big franchises who will treat you as just another number. Call The Drain Guys at Sand ‘n Sea Drain Company today and let us treat your home or business as if it were our own.

Sand ‘n Sea Drain Co. Always on time, never an emergency fee. Your Local Trenchless Expert.

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