Baby Wipes in Your Sewer System

Baby Wipes: A Sewer’s Worst EnemyBaby Wipes in Your Sewer System

In recent years, baby wipes have become a common replacement for toilet paper in a lot of households. When you flush baby wipes down your sewer system, you not only risk the life of your plumbing, but your community sewers as well.

The fact of the matter is, baby wipes in your sewer system don’t break down. Baby wipes build up and block up sewers everyday all over the world. Remember the one golden rule of baby wipes: NEVER flush them, even if they say flushable!

What To Do With Baby Wipes

Baby wipes can absolutely be used for common hygiene practices. Just make sure to THROW THEM AWAY, don’t flush them. When baby wipes get stuck in the city main sewer, they trap grease, paper, and other wipes. Eventually, this can lead to a whole sewer main backup. When the sewer main backs up, it can flow out into the streets, and into your’s or your neighbor’s homes.

What if I Accidentally Flushed Wipes?

Health Concerns with a Plumbing Backup near Palm Springs, palm desert, cathedral city, Rancho Mirage, and the Coachella ValleyIf you do accidentally flush baby wipes, give Sand ‘n Sea Drain Co. a call at (760) 333-1857. We have the right tools to flush out any soft blockage, guaranteed or the call is free!

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